Is buying tires online worth it?

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Now days you can buy pretty much anything you want to online. So if you in need of new tires. Why not look around online and see what deals you can find out there. So how do you go about it? There are step by step guides available to help you buy your tires online. Not just any tires but tires that are right for your car.

Is buying tires online worth it?

Is buying tires online worth it? Yes .
The automotive industry is evolving. If you can purchase a car online while in the comfort of your home, why not order your tires and schedule a time to have them installed.

Here are some of the reasons why it is worth it;

• It simplifies the shopping experience
The amount of time and energy that you would have used to find and purchase tires would be saved.
Different online platforms provide you with a range of tires to choose from. All this will be done by using your computer, tablet or phone.

• You save money
As indicated before, it is easy to not get the best deal when your at a local tire shop. Some tire shops will place a higher price to the tires because of reasons such as rent, salaries, profits amongst other factors.
With a range of vendors to choose from and fair competition, the prices are rarely the same. What is the Average Price for Tires?

• Research
When you are online searching for tires to purchase, the wide variety provided might get you confused. This might happen especially if the tires are new to you.
What to note is that, a range of tires is available in the store just as is available online. However, the advantage with buying tires online is that you have an option of doing research on the spot before you can purchase.

• Availability
You are able to get tires that are hard to find, on an online platform compared to a physical shop. This is because, with many vendors available online it is easy to get the tires you want.
If you are unable to find them, certain vendors will provide you with an option of getting notified whenever the tires are back in stock.

• Discounts
Your local tire store might be having discounts once in a while but what about convenience? Timing?
You might have had your tires installed with the usual pricing and a few days later a discount ensues for other buyers.
With buying your tires online, you get to see which vendors are having discounts at your time of purchase. This in turn gets you a great deal.

• Budgeting
Online platforms give you quotations on the spot. This can range from the tire purchase up to the installation. When you get your quotation, budgeting around the money you have and the tired you want becomes simpler. You can do this whenever you are ready and no unplanned expenses arise once all this is done.

How to buy tires online?

Once you have made decision that you want to buy your tires online, the purchase process follows.

  1. Start by searching for the tires. You can search for your tires using the vehicle type or the tire size. With your vehicle type option, you need to provide the vendor with the correct specifications such as make, year of manufacture amongst other factors.
    Most platforms prefer this option. You can also give out your tire size, from the length to the width and trim.
  2. After you have determined the specifics of your preferred tires, the type of tires follow. There are different tires for different times and places. You might need tires specifically to tread a rough terrain that you might be frequenting. This will of course require very highly durable tires.
    The types of seasons are something that you will need to consider. Tires used during winter ought to be more flexible compared to the tires used in the summer because of the slippery weather.
    If the same tires are to be used in the summer, they will wear and tear faster because of the warm temperatures. If you are using your tires in a place with mild weather, then all season tires would be the most preferred option.
  3. Once you have done this, apply the information on different vendors’ platforms. You can make a comparison to see which vendor has great offers.
    What to note.
    Check out the reviews on each platform. This will ensure that you are purchasing a great product.
  4. After selecting a vendor, you will be given an option of selecting your location.
    This is the location where your tires will be delivered and installed for you. Many online vendors have their own physical tire shops where you can have the tires installed for you.
    However, if you don’t want this option, you can select the option of having your tires delivered to your home.
    With all this in mind, it is important to look at different retailers’ return policies.
    This will prevent situations where you have bought tires that are not to your satisfaction but you cannot return them.

How the purchase experience has been made easy

How the purchase experience has been made easy?
With this in mind, we will refer to platforms such as, and
We are going to look at how they have online tools that make the online purchase of tires easy.

  1. has offers on fast free shipping for purchases above fifty dollars. Most of the customers get their tires shipped to them in about one to two business days.
  2. There are customers who would want to have their tires delivered to their doorsteps.
    This is maybe because they would want to do their own installation.
    The site provides you with a step by step guide on how you can install your own tires from the moment of arrival.
  3. They give you a six months special financing offer of select purchases of two hundred and fifty dollars or more.
  4. You might be having a lot of questions especially if you are online shopping for tires for the first time. Tire rack provides you with an option to communicate with the customer care via calls or email.
  5. Generally, when trying to buy tires online, you will find that most of the platforms available only sell tires.

What if you need more than just tires?

If you happen to be on the look out for more accessories other than just tires, sites such as tire sell parts and accessories too.

  1. When you are finished with the purchase process, you are given a tracking number.
    With this number you are able to track your order from the time of purchase to when the tires leave the warehouse to the date of expected delivery.
  2. For tires that are usually hard to find for various reasons certain platforms have a way forward. You are given an option of getting notification once your tires are back in stock. You can get this notification in your email or phone number, whichever you select. This option is recommended especially if the tire you want is hard to find.

What to look out for when buying tires online

  1. When on the tire selling platform, ensure that the site is providing enough security.
    Which security?
    When making purchases online, you are usually required to give the method of payment and certain details of your account.
    Most of the time it is just your account number, name and the amount to be paid.
    Watch out for sites that ask you for more details that are uncomfortable to provide.
    Make a comparison with other vendors’ platforms to see if they have the same requirements.
  2. Online brokers
    Just as there are brokers in the store, there are also brokers on online platforms. Do not allow another site to make the purchase on your behalf on another site. This is usually done in the name of making it easier for you.
    Make the purchase directly from the vendor’s platform. You will end up saving money that would’ve otherwise been spent on the broker.

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