How Much do Motorcycle Tires Cost?

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When most people think of the performance of a motorcycle, they tend to think of only the engine. Although the engine is an important aspect to consider, the tires are also an equally important feature. They are the two contact points that keep you in touch with the road at any given time. The tires of a motorcycle affect its steering, acceleration, and braking. Worn out or damaged tires can lead to an unsafe ride.

Also, loose balance weights, cracked or dented rims, wear spots tilted valve stems and improper air pressure can result in a dangerous tire blowout. Hence, you need to make sure your motorcycle tires are in perfect working condition at all times for optimal performance and most importantly, your safety. If your motorcycle tires are damaged or worn out, it is crucial that you consider replacing them altogether.

How much do motorcycle tires cost?

The cost of motorcycle tires varies significantly based on quality and brand. On average, motorcycle tires cost anywhere between $69 to $350 depending on the quality, manufacturer and most importantly the type of motorcycle you are riding.

How much does it cost to have motorcycle tires mounted?

Depending on the size of the tire, expect to pay anywhere between $13 to $45 per tire industry-wide.

Best motorcycle tire Brands

Michelin Motorcycle Tires

Michelin Pilot Power 3 HP

Over the years, it has gotten quite clear that Michelin is the gold standard brand in the world of motorcycle tires. This brand has been around for the longest time and has perfected the art of tire manufacturing. They have consistently put out offers that make even the most hard-core riders proud to own. We highly recommend the Michelin Pilot Power 3 HP tires for those looking for super-soft tires with an excellent grip, even at extreme angles. These tires offer a secure grip, effective gas mileage and optimal comfort for your ride.

Continental Motorcycle Tires

The Continental Contimotion is a popular tire brand that comes in a range of sizes. These tires are highly recommended for those who engage in sports-touring especially because they are designed to combine the best parts of sports and touring tires into one. Continental ContiMotion tires provide a nice balance between a wet and dry surface grip like you would expect from a sports tire and excellent cornering ability, stability and ride comfort, just like any good touring tire.

Performance wise, these tires are stable and comfortable, even at highway speeds. It also provides a longer tread life, allowing for continued year-round use. The ContiMotion rear tire is fitted with a steel belt for flexibility and maximum strength, ensuring an extra stable and comfortable ride every time. The best part about this tire is that it is priced for the entry-level market. Expect some change back from a hundred bucks.

Bridgestone Motorcycle Tires

It goes without saying that Bridgestone tires are well-regarded as some of the best on the market. The Bridgestone M403 (front) and M404 (rear) motorcycle tires are recommended for bikes from 50cc to 450cc. These tires offer exceptional value. They come in a wide range of size options and are meant for intermediate track conditions. Although quite affordable, Bridgestone motorcycle tires are the number 1 choice for some professional riders.

Bridgestone M404

They are made using an all-new compound, which enables them to function in a wider range of terrains like hard surfaces which tends to make softer tires wear out faster. We highly recommend these tires for those who race competitively.

Dunlop Motorcycle Tires

The Dunlop 404 Cruiser tire is one of those affordable, but highly valuable models packed with features. This 16” tire is rated H, which is equivalent to maximum speeds of 130 mph. They are manufactured with an aggressively deep tread pattern that is biased towards pumping out water. This bias construction ensures stability and improved performance in different weather conditions, including wet weather riding.

The Dunlop D404 fits perfectly on street bikes and standard models. It can also make a great choice for vintage motorcycles. Its tread pattern balances mileage and grip so that you get the best of both worlds without investing an arm and a leg on a new tire. We highly recommend this model for street riders.

Pirelli Motorcycle Tires

This is one of the sportiest and most versatile models of the latest versions of Rosso tires. The rear tire comes with a55 ratio and a 180-mm width, making it a superb choice for both daily commuting and long touring adventures. Thanks to its advanced Patch Technology, the Pirelli Diablo Rosso II offers an optimized contact patch, which results in an improved grip.

This model is the most popular Rosso Motorcycle tires that are suitable for riding in all kinds of conditions including a wet highway. Its enhanced Patch Technology enables it to provide an optimized Contour Shaping and contributes to the handling of the bike, even at high lean angles. Its slick shoulder area boosts performance when the rider is cornering, giving them more confidence while also upholding safety.

Shinko Motorcycle Tires

If you are looking to replace both tires of your bike, the Shinko 705 tires work just as well on the front as they do on the rear. This 18” tire is designed to provide street riders with an amazing experience. These tires can also be used for trail riding, although they are not built for this discipline. The Shinko 705 tires feature an innovative tread design that offers great adhesion on both dry and wet surfaces, allowing you to ride well both on and off the highway.

Its robust rubber compound is designed to handle tough off-road riding conditions. Its 4-ply structure also helps increase tear resistance and long-term durability. It is designed to give you a great feel of the road, superior handling, and performance. These tires are highly recommended for cruiser and older street bikes.


As a motorcycle rider, you should know that a good-quality tire will save you from extra expenses and other unnecessary hassles. Whether you want to cruise around your town or ride on major highways, all the above tires can be your best partner in either situation.


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