How Long Does It Take to Mount 4 Tires?

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Every car owner understands how crucial it is to get new tires when it is necessary. You need to have access to tires that can do a good job for you out on the road. If your tires are not up to snuff, then you are going to be at an increased risk while driving. Thankfully, it will never be difficult to get new tires installed when you turn to the professionals.

If you are a very busy individual, then you might be wondering how long the process is going to take. No one wants to be without their car for too long, and sometimes free time is difficult to come by. How long does it take to mount 4 tires? Most estimates say that it should take around 45 minutes to mount four tires on an average vehicle.

What Takes Place When Mounting Tires?

The process of mounting tires is fairly straightforward, but it will require the right equipment. Your vehicle will generally be taken into the service bay or garage area where the job is being performed to start off. Once the car is lifted, the professional will remove the lug nuts from each of your wheels. The wheels are then removed from the vehicle completely.

All of the air needs to be released from each tire before proceeding. This involves either unscrewing the valve stem core or the TPMS core, depending on what you are working with. After this, all of the wheel weights need to be removed. New valve stems will be installed, and then the new tires will be mounted to the wheels.

Balancing will also take place during this process. Tires need to be properly balanced so that the car can drive smoothly. Everything will be reinstalled in the car with the professional using an air gun and torque shaft to ensure that the wheels are on properly. Once everything is on, the car will be lowered close to the ground, and the expert will torque things again to make sure that everything is in place just right. 

As you can tell, this process is fairly involved. Even with there being so many steps, it won’t take all that long to get things taken care of. You will be able to get all of this accomplished in around 45 minutes. Keep in mind that the exact times can vary due to certain factors.

Should You Get an Alignment?

Getting an alignment is highly recommended. This can help to ensure that your tires will wear evenly. You don’t want one tire to wear out more quickly than the others, as this will only create problems for you. The professionals should be more than happy to carry out a proper alignment for you. It is worth your time to get this done and should not take up too much extra time overall.

Is It Important to Get Professional Help?

Yes, you are going to want to get professional help when getting your tires mounted. It is highly unlikely that you have the proper equipment to do this yourself. You need to be able to raise and lower the car and this is generally going to require a professional setup. It is going to be in your best interests to reach out to professionals that can take care of this matter for you in a timely fashion.


How long does it take to mount 4 tires? Not all that long when you consider everything that has to be done. You will be able to get things taken care of in around 45 minutes. If you decide to get an alignment done, then you will add a little bit of time to that estimate. Either way, you will not have to wait too long to get your car back on the road. Everything will drive much more smoothly, and your new tires will look great on your vehicle, as well.


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