Do UTV Tires Need to be Balanced?

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Many UTV owners are asking themselves ” Do UTV tires need to be balanced?”. Well, there are many different opinions on this question. It depends on the type of riding you do with your UTV. My thoughts are why not if it could make your tires last longer or even give you a smoother ride. But most people don’t want to put the ugly standard weights on their nice rims. But there are newer ways to balance your tires without using the weights.

balancing tires with beads

It’s not at all complicated to have your tires balanced, and you can actually do it in the comforts of your own home. Don’t want to have ugly lead weights on your nice rims? There’s definitely a great alternative for them, and they’re none other tire beads.

One good brand that is pretty much a walk-in-the-park to use is E-Z Tire Beads. These are ceramic beads that are able to distribute themselves throughout the tire in order to bring about their unique balancing effect. They’re even able to slow tire wear and extend the life of your tires by their ability to re-position as the tire wears. Lastly, these beads are also able to lessen vibration and give you a smoother overall ride.

Similar to weights, tire beads require the same attention to important details like tire size and weight. However, unlike the former weights, they are always correcting any kind of imbalance as long as you use them properly.

How Tire Beads are Usually Installed

Most of these beads aren’t difficult to install, as you can opt have them added during a standard tire mounting procedure. If you prefer to do it yourself, though, then you will need a funnel to attach to the tire’s valve stem. You only need to use this funnel to pour the right amount of beads into the tire.

Most beads go in smoothly and without much difficulty. If you do encounter some problems in getting the beads in, you can either try tapping the valve stem with the end of screwdriver until all the beads go in or using the air inside the bottle (by squeezing it) to move the beads that got stuck until they go through the entrance of the valve stem.

Again, you have to make sure you keep important factors such as tire size in mind. The beads come with directions on how much of the beads to use in your tire based on its size.

Reasons to Balance UTV Tires

Balancing your tires is considered a good step towards preventive maintenance for your vehicle. After all, tires that are unbalanced have a tendency to be subject to wear, degrading their quality quickly. Also, in majority of cases, balanced tires are practically a necessity since they actually ensure that you are riding a safe vehicle.

Any measure of imbalance could potentially lead to loss of control. You’ll also notice that most UTV tires that are balanced often affords you with a better, smoother ride every time. It’s precisely because of these reasons that you shouldn’t hesitate to balance your tires, especially if they are already showing signs of wear.


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